About the Book

If you’ve ever wanted to see what mercy looks like, take a look at Jesus’ encounter with the Woman at the well. This book is an illustration of misery being carried within the heart of a dear woman who had no one who understood her pain for judging her for her actions. Alone, lonely, and misunderstood, she conducted her life pursuits and relationships accordingly.

She faced the constant uncertainty of wondering if her life would ever change or if anyone could hear her internal screams for help. Concluding, her trauma was her emotional burden to carry, for life, she became acquainted with her misery and it became her companion. If you or anyone you know can relate to this, and you are seeking for peace you are about to discover mercy in its fullest.

Journey with me as Jesus became the hero to save the day for this hopeless woman of Samaria. Although her identity is not revealed in the Bible, her behavior is easily seen and judged. Let Jesus alleviate the burdens you carry and become a witness as the woman of Samaria to what can happen in your life, “When Mercy Meets Misery.”