About the Author

Twenty-one years ago, as an employee of the South Bay Union School District in San Diego, author W.E. Brooks was also pastoring but had not yet entered full-time ministry. One evening in the break room God gave him a vivid account of the Samaritan woman at the well as Christ was ministering to her, and he began to write When Mercy Meets Misery. This sparked an intense interest for Bishop Brooks as he studied John 4 regarding Jesus and the Samaritan woman. People all over the world have been secluded because of their problems or shame. This book was written for every precious soul who needs to know that misery can be defeated by God’s mercy. Jacob’s Well, the meeting place, was where the Samaritan woman’s life changed forever. Your well today may not be in Sychar; it could be in your marriage, pain from your childhood, broken relationships, divorce, financial loss, grief, and etc. The important thing is to know that Jesus is waiting to meet you where you are. Discover the hope that Jesus offers When Mercy Meets Misery. He is about to change your life forever.